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Three 2018 holiday decor trends

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to get inspired! Whether your Christmas vibe is more eco-friendly and minimalist or you want to go full glamour, you can still be on trend.


A minimalist Christmas

You’ve certainly noticed the trend toward minimalism and zero-waste, responsible consumption. During the holiday season, this could mean rethinking how you wrap your presents (down with plastic!) or buying gifts made from recycled materials. And unless you’re one of the rare few who keeps the same artificial tree for twenty years or tracks down a used one, a real tree is the best option to minimize your carbon footprint. Going minimalist with your Christmas decorations involves decking out your place with garlands of real cedar branches and dried orange peels and making your own ornaments from recycled materials or items around the house. Creativity is key!


A glamorous Christmas

For some, the holidays are a festive extravaganza of sequins, red lipstick and the like. And why not? As you decorate your place to welcome family and friends, focus on the chic glamour of jewel tones and glitter. Gold, silver, rose gold and mirrored surfaces are trending for this year’s holiday season. In terms of textures, look for velvet in shades of burgundy or forest green to add a touch of warmth to your decor.


A Scandinavian Christmas

Closely related to the minimalist style, a festive Nordic look is also simple but strives for comfort above all. Give your living room an inviting feel with snug throw blankets, comfy cushions and cozy rugs. Skip the full-sized tree in favour of a miniature one, or even put up a wall tree to save space. Seek out natural accents like simple cedar or driftwood garlands and wrap gifts in kraft paper that you can personalize yourself. See what we’re saying?


December is here and it’s time to get festive!




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