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5 tips to give your condo decor a springtime look

Spring has finally sprung! With longer days and warmer temperatures comes an urge to change things up and revamp our surroundings. Here are 5 tips to give your condo decor a springtime look.


  1. Roll out the green!

While it’s still too early for gardening, you can still put your green thumb to work in your condo. Tropical and succulent plants, cacti and bouquets of fresh flowers are a quick way to add a welcome wave of warmth to your decor.


  1. Choose colourful accessories

If you don’t feel like breaking out the paint, remember that a few vibrantly coloured accessories are also a great way to spruce up any room’s ambiance. Forget dark or neutral colours for a few months and bring in brighter shades to liven things up! This season’s trendy colours include periwinkle blue, canary yellow and fuchsia pink.


  1. Remove thick drapes

While they definitely help bring warmth and enhance the cocooning effect in winter, say goodbye to heavy, enveloping drapes in warmer months to give your rooms a brighter, more open look! A simple, sheer and light-coloured veil can preserve intimacy after the sun sets, while letting sunshine warm up the room in the daytime.


  1. Put away throw blankets and fur pillows

Out with those plaid wool blankets, rugs that keep your feet warm in the winter and fur pillows, and in with accessories made with light, natural fabrics, such as linen and soft cotton. These bring a lighter touch to your condo’s overall look, and added comfort when temperatures rise.


  1. Don’t forget spring cleaning!

Obviously, cleaning and sorting everything can really lift your spirits! De-clutter all your rooms, thoroughly clean your windows and cupboards, and give whatever you no longer need to charity. You’ll immediately feel lighter and ready to kick spring off on the right foot!


So, let’s get started tomorrow. Happy spring cleaning!



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