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A little paint goes a long way to personalize your indoor look!

Looking to update your decor without breaking the bank? Time to reach for the paint brush! Here’s an overview of the key trends and tips.


Trendy colours

Neutral tones have dominated colour palettes for the past several years, but that doesn’t mean your condo’s walls need to be entirely white, grey or beige! The “new neutrals”, which make their adjacent colours pop, are becoming increasingly popular. These include vanilla and chestnut tones, faded pinks, subtle greens, clay tones and earthy orange, which give rooms a warm, cozy ambiance. Nothing boring about these neutrals!


Which colour for which room?

It’s no secret that colours affect our mood. Before picking a colour for your walls, follow this guide to choose the right tone for each room!


Bedroom: Blue is known for its calming properties. Bluish grey is also an excellent option, as it further softens the room’s ambiance.


Kitchen: This busy, high-traffic room calls for orange, which evokes energy and cheerfulness! A few touches of red could also liven things up, as this is a very stimulating colour. Both these choices can really whet your appetite!


Living room or office: Shades of purple are interesting options for rooms that foster creativity and reflection. Moreover, yellow’s invigorating brightness can also help you focus. Just what you need in your office!


Bathroom: Green is the perfect choice here, as its refreshing character makes for a revitalizing atmosphere.


Over just one weekend, you can completely revamp your condo’s look with a touch of paint! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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