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ESTWEST Project Moving Forward

Already reserved your ESTWEST condo unit or just curious about how the project is coming along? This blog post is for you! In it, we’ll report on what’s been completed so far and talk about what’s coming up next.


Demolition: a slow, steady process

Michel Côté, Senior Project Director and the ESTWEST project’s Site Manager, confirms that the demolition work that officially began on June 5, is still underway. “Demolition doesn’t happen overnight,” explains Michel. “In fact, it’s a slow, steady process that consists in decontaminating the site, which includes the safe removal of asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), then conducting the actual demolition using hydraulic cutters. This is a major undertaking, since we’re demolishing an institutional heritage infrastructure. We’re right on schedule and everything’s going as planned!”


What’s next?

Four of the five buildings have been completely demolished. The team is currently decontaminating the last building, as planned, and will be tearing it down next month. The demolition process will have been completed a year after it began, right on schedule. “Our team is also currently getting ready to excavate the site of the ESTWEST project’s towers,” added the Site Manager. “This June, we’ll start excavating the EST tower’s site.” This entire process will take about four months to complete. The team will then build the foundations and underground parking lots, then erect the towers’ infrastructure.


The first residents will be able to move into their units in the summer of 2020. Until then, we’ll keep you updated on the ESTWEST project’s progress! Phase 2 units, in the WEST tower, are currently available for sale. Questions? Contact us!

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