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Five tips for decorating your balcony this summer

Who says a condo unit can’t have a nice outdoor space? When summer rolls around, it’s time to use your balcony’s extra real estate to fully enjoy outdoor living! Here are five tips to spruce up your balcony in a practical, ergonomic and trendy way.


  1. Use vertical space

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, think about dressing up walls and railings. There are tons of solutions out there, such as using hooks to hang planters and wall grids to hang flower and herb pots. The possibilities are endless. You just need to tap into your creative side!


  1. Preserve intimacy with plants

It’s not always easy to keep things private when your neighbour’s balcony is right next to yours! Add a few potted palms or cedars to create a natural barrier. In addition to giving you more privacy, these green plants will liven up your space, and can easily be moved indoors in fall.


  1. Let there be light!

When hosting friends or family on your balcony, it’s important to have some light sources on hand when the sun sets. The latest trends include placing small lanterns right on the floor, citronella candles on the table and light garlands on railings. These work nicely and give off just enough light to create a magical atmosphere during pleasant summer nights.


  1. Use versatile furniture

Folding chairs and tables you can put away after use and storage boxes that double as seats are excellent additions to relatively cramped balconies. You can change the layout when guests come over and even completely overhaul your balcony’s decor when the mood strikes you. For example, you could easily store your furniture and clear up enough space for your morning meditation routine. Why not?


  1. Favour materials well suited to the outdoors.

Even if you love its look, your living room carpet doesn’t belong outside! Make sure to pick fabrics and materials that can withstand the elements. These waterproof furnishings can resist harsh weather and stand the test of time without a scratch. It’s a really smart investment!


Now you’re ready to make the most out of the extra space on your balcony. Happy shopping!

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