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Home Decorating: How to Add Winter Charm to Your Condo

The coldest days of the year are finally upon us. If you’re already counting down the days ‘til summertime, why not take advantage of this moment to bring a warm touch to your condo? Here are some inspiring ideas for decorating in the winter time!

Create a cozy mood

It’s so nice to curl up and snuggle when temperatures drop, so think throws, blankets, and faux fur, fleece, or soft knit cushions. The goal here in decorating is to create an atmosphere that is 100% conducive to relaxation and cocooning. With these soft touches, your leather sofa will suddenly seem inviting!

Let the sunshine in

Whether we like it or not, days are shorter and the winter blues can easily set in. Lights, please! Start by changing your curtains or drapes. Find your windows that get the most sunlight, and opt for delicate curtains that draw in light. You can also style your condo with floor lamps, table lamps, or candles to create a bright and comfortable mood. This should help cheer you up!

Dress up your floor space

Heat rises as cold moves downwards. That’s why floors tend to be cooler when temperatures drop. Chase away the winter cold and add warmth to your home with fluffy rugs or floor runners. Once again, soft, thick and comfy materials are the best options for your feet to feel fantastic. Plus, rugs are excellent sound insulators, which is ideal for condo living!

Opt for natural materials

On top of being 100% trendy, raw materials such as wood, linen and burlap add a charming touch to your winter décor and recall cottage comfort. For example, give your home a rustic feel with a tree stump in the living room as a side table, a linen cushion on the sofa, or a burlap table runner on the table.

While waiting for sunny days, curl into comfort mode in your condo by making these small decor changes that make all the difference. Sound like a plan?

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