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The best tricks to optimize small spaces

Planning your interior layout is not always easy, especially when space is limited! Still, it’s entirely possible to create a decor that fits your image, personality and tastes in a limited space even if you aren’t an interior design buff! Just follow these smart tips.

1. Use bright colours instead of darker ones

Whether it’s for walls, furniture, or decorative accessories, choose brighter colours such as white and pastels, for example. This also applies to ceilings: a lighter ceiling makes it seem higher.

2. Opt for multi-functional furniture

When planning, look for a console with a built-in library, an ottoman with storage space, a kitchen table that can serve as a desk if needed… The idea is to maximize the practical possibilities of each item in the room.

3. Use the space at height

Your walls aren’t just there to hang up frames and mirrors! Use the vertical space by installing customized shelves all the way to the ceiling. In addition to creating storage space that doesn’t clutter the ground level, this gives the impression that the ceilings are higher.

4. Mirror, mirror

Don’t underestimate the power of reflection! Mirrors create the illusion of a larger room in addition to reflecting light. Place one above a couch in the living room or above the table in the dining room.

5. Transparency is key

In addition to being trendy at the moment, transparent furniture items such as chairs, tables or decorative accessories play a big role in the perception of a room. They don’t obstruct the view and they let the light through, which optimizes the feeling of space.

When each square inch counts, all you have to do is remember to maximize the potential of each space without overloading it. And as the saying goes, the best things come in small packages!




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