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The WEST tower design: a closer look at the West Coast look

Patrick Blanchette, architect at Devimco Immobilier, contributes to the ESTWEST project’s design by taking part in its development and marketing strategies. With nearly 10 years’ experience in his field, Patrick has accrued extensive expertise in residential, commercial and institutional project development. Today, he shares the design inspiration behind the West tower.


California dreaming

As the polar opposite of the EST tower, whose design was inspired by Eastern traditions and features monochrome, Asian-style undertones, the WEST tower’s setting draws features from the West Coast and its characteristic warmth. “Faded pink, porous textures, burnt wood and warm, sun-kissed colours are all core elements,” said Patrick. “The first tower’s marble accents become smoky quartz or onyx in the second structure, and tropical plants give way to cacti.” The stark contrasts between both towers are also felt through their overall ambiance. “The WEST tower’s decor showcases a nighttime effect, Mad Men aesthetics with matted glass, frosted textures, and drapes creating a plush atmosphere,” adds the architect. These influences are also reflected in every condo unit, whose materials feature caramel tones, white and terrazzo textures.


Inspiration abounds

“You can’t plan for inspiration,” concludes Patrick. “I can find it anywhere, whether in my day-to-day life or while travelling. Obviously, the latter really affects me the most. For example, our design inspiration shot through the roof last February, when we visited the Stockholm Furniture Fair and saw the latest projects out of Denmark. In large-scale projects like ESTWEST, we need to engage in comprehensive reflections about our message. We must absolutely take the source material into account. While integrating a few design trends can be an interesting option, our architectural choices always focus on permanence. That way, we can create a story while meeting market demand. In essence, we develop harmonies that reflect realities and designs that meet market needs.”


The WEST tower, the ESTWEST project’s second phase, is now in full swing!

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