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Which plants should you add to your condo?

Before the fall blues set in, take the initiative and bring a few plants in! It’s true: some indoor greenery can help improve your mood, purify the air and liven up your decor. Here are our top indoor plant picks!


  1. Sanseviera trifasciata

Sanseviera, Pinterest

Also known as the snake plant, this indoor plant comes all the way from Africa, and is thought to be virtually unkillable! It requires ample ambient light, but doesn’t fare well in direct sunlight. It needs water only once a week, ideally when its surface soil is dry.


  1. Aloe

Aloe Vera, Pinterest

Aloe vera is a low-maintenance plant requiring only minimal care throughout the year. While it needs ample ambient light, exposure to direct sunlight tends to dry it out. You should water this plant only when its surface soil is dry, so about once a week. Aloe is dormant in fall and winter, thereby needing even less water.


  1. Ficus lyrata

Ficus lyrata, Pinterest

A very popular plant – currently all over Instagram – ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, thrives in well-lit spaces, but not in direct sunlight. You should also let its soil dry out before watering. In winter, when ambient humidity is relatively high, watering can wait even longer. Also, feel free to regularly spray some water on this plant’s leaves, in order to improve their quality and help them avoid drying out.


  1. Areca

Areca, Pinterest

This indoor palm is always a great choice to add an exotic touch to your decor and keep summertime vibes close! Make sure to use a large container with holes in the bottom when setting up your plant. Since palms hate having their roots constantly wet, this draining base will help prevent root asphyxiation. You’ll need to water it regularly, always making sure to let the surface soil dry out beforehand, and empty out the drainage dish under the planter so there’s never any stagnant water there.


  1. Crassula ovata

Crassula ovata, Pinterest

Better known as the jade plant, this succulent indoor plant adapts well to temperate climates. It needs plenty of natural light and very little water, as it stores it in its fleshy leaves. When they start sagging, it’s time to add water!


Choose your favourites to liven up your home, and you’ll soon get to reap their benefits!

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